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Admission & Aid

How to Get the Credits You Need

Earned credit on Semester at Sea transfers to most home schools. Our admissions team works closely with students and their home study abroad office to ensure smooth transfer of credit. Please note that many home schools require that their students obtain prior approval in order to transfer earned credit from Semester at Sea.

Students are responsible for meeting with their study abroad and/or academic advisor prior to enrollment to determine the transferability of credit. Study abroad offices can provide guidance on how to integrate study abroad with a course of study at the home institution.

Steps for Credit Transfer

Step 1: What is Semester at Sea Earned credit?

Credits earned on Semester at Sea are from Colorado State University, a leading public land-grant university which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Students on Semester at Sea are enrolled at Colorado State University as visiting students. Semester at Sea courses appear as regular Colorado State University courses. Colorado State University records grades and credits earned on Semester at Sea and issue official transcripts to students’ home institutions.

Although credits earned on Semester at Sea are fully transferable, admission to Semester at Sea does not constitute admission to Colorado State University.

Step 2: How Do I Transfer Earned Credit?

Students need to speak with their study abroad, academic, or equivalency advisor at their home schools and ask them how the listed Semester at Sea courses would transfer to their major or elective requirements.

Step 3: What Part Do I Play?

Students need to decide which courses they are interested in enrolling and meet with home school study abroad or academic advisors. Students should bring to these meeting course syllabi and instructor biographies, both of which are available on the Semester at Sea website. Students should ask their home school advisor these questions:

  • Will I receive letter grades?
  • Does my home school’s financial aid apply?
  • Do I need to complete any home school specific study abroad applications?
  • Will my home school pay Semester at Sea directly?
  • What deadlines do I need to keep in mind?
  • What forms will I need?
  • Will I need course by course approval?
  • Will I be required to take a leave of absence in order to participate on Semester at Sea?

Step 4: What Part Does SAS Play?

Semester at Sea will attempt to be as timely as possible posting necessary information on the website. We provide the course description of every course listed for our voyages, followed by the course mnemonic and number (ex. ANTH 1010) and the course syllabus once available. Sometimes students’ home school faculty or advisors have questions or concerns about Semester at Sea’s curriculum and courses; academic staff from Semester at Sea are always happy and available to address these questions and concerns (; 1.800.854.0195).

Step 5: Post Voyage – Transcripts

Each student’s home school receives a copy of their Colorado State University transcript for Semester at Sea following the completion of the semester (if all financial obligations have been satisfied). Students wishing to receive their own copy need to order the transcript directly from Colorado State University at the link below.

 CSU Registrar Website

Request a University of Virginia (Summer 2007-Spring 2016) Transcript: