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  • IMPACT: Chendamangalam Village

    Traveling in India gave students a taste of how different life can be from their home. A group of students had the opportunity to visit Chendamangalam Village where they experienced […]

  • Cochin, India Newswriting Field Lab: Student Perspective

    Written by student: Kailey Leinz, University of Virginia In the Grand Ballroom of the Abad Plaza Hotel in Cochin, India, three men, each equipped with expertise on the media and […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest March 7-March 21

    Head shaving for a Semester at Sea tradition, reflecting on India and saying a quick hello to Mauritius make for an exciting transit to Cape Town, South Africa! Catch up with […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest Feb. 29-March 6

    From India to Neptune Day, this past week has been a whirlwind! Students finished up their journeys in India and returned home to the MV World Odyssey with amazing stories and […]

  • Buddhism and Social Media: The 21st Century Monk

    Written by Global Journalism Scholar, Paula Pecorella. It is extremely unusual for a life long Buddhist monk to use Facebook, carry a cell phone, or board a luxury cruise liner […]

  • World Prayer: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    The World Prayer class had their field lab in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where they experienced the rich cultural and religious diversity of Vietnam.  Watch the video to view the […]

  • Meet SAS Spring 2016 Voyage IMPACT Scholars

    IMPACT Programs are Semester at Sea field programs which offer a unique cultural insight into the host country through people-to-people interaction, non-governmental organization visits, home-stays and service opportunities.  These programs […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest Feb. 23-Feb. 28

    Here is another look at all of our great adventures in Myanmar. From IMPACT programs to an inside look at media systems in a developing country, the shipboard community has […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest Feb. 15-Feb. 22

    This week students prepared for their travels in Myanmar.  From ballooning in Bagan, to exploring Inle Lake by boat, the shipboard community truly experienced Myanmar culture.  Stay tuned for pictures and […]

  • Cambodia: A Student’s Perspective

    Written by student, Matt Kreiser, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Three days in Cambodia was a whirlwind emotionally, physically and spiritually. The journey began with a flight late in the […]

  • Domestic Workers in a Foreign Landscape: A Field Lab

    Written by student: Carson Cuevas, Hofstra University In the high rises of the coastal metropolis of Hong Kong, 330,000 migrant women work to balance a life for themselves while providing […]

  • Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Field Lab

    As the MV World Odyssey docked in Shanghai, China, Professor Annapurna Pandey, prepared her class for a field lab experience they hopefully would never forget. Her Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspective […]

  • Japan Home Visit: An Immersive Experience

    What makes Semester at Sea unique? Semester at Sea provides students with opportunities that enhance their understanding of other cultures and focuses on an academic quality that fosters global awareness […]

  • Changing Marine Culture and Livelihoods in Japan: A Field Lab

    The Port of Yokohama, Japan has recently transformed from a small fishing village into an international hub. Professor and Marine Biologist, Stephanie Green, took her Societies in the Sea class […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Student Digest Jan. 19-22

    As the MV World Odyssey nears the coast of Japan, 12 days after departing Honolulu, the shipboard community is finishing up midterms and finalizing their plans for Japan. High seas did […]

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