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  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Nov 3 – Nov 9

    The Fall 2015 Voyage is officially at the midpoint, which means students and faculty are in the midst of midterms. The entire shipboard community took a day, however, to honor […]

  • Zaragoza and the Fiestas del Pilar in Spain

    A towering pyramid made of flowers, a procession of vengeful paper mache heads, and a sacred marble stone are just a few attractions that draw crowds to Spain’s fifth largest […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Oct 27 – Nov 2

    Happy Halloween from the MV World Odyssey and Fall 2015 voyagers! The ship celebrated with the dependent children trick or treating cabins under the full moon. Now docked in Dakar, […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Oct 20 – 26

    The MV World Odyssey has been docked in Casablanca, Morocco for five days while the Fall 2015 voyagers experienced all that the country’s rich heritage and varied landscape had to […]

  • Taking a Closer Look at Greece’s Economic Crisis

    Can Greece pay its debt? This question has been asked and speculated on for some time now, making international headlines most recently as the country took its third bailout from […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Oct 13 – 19

    The students, faculty and staff onboard the MV World Odyssey just returned to the ship after enjoying the fresh sights, sounds, and tastes of Spain. This week, as every week on […]

  • Crafting Intercultural Relations in Rome

    30 students stood sweating in the Roman sun before the closed iron gates of John Cabot University. The mighty Tiber River flowed impassively alongside buses and cars honking for dominance […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Oct 05 – 12

    With so many adventures had, and so many more to come, SAS Digest makes it easy to keep up with the voyagers of the MV World Odyssey as they travel […]

  • Shaping the Changing World with Abby Aronson

    “The face of the world keeps changing, and it’s imperative to have the skills to contextualize those changes if you want to keep up.” Abby Aronson muses while sitting in […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Sept 29 – Oct 4

    Italy, Croatia, oh my! What new things will the voyagers discover and learn on the MV World Odyssey next? Keep up with the latest news on the Fall 2015 Voyage […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Sept 13-28

    Want to know what you missed this week on the high seas? Curious about what’s happening in country? Dive into our latest adventures on the MV World Odyssey with weekly […]

  • A Look at the Fall 2015 Voyagers

    What makes a Semester at Sea? Take a look inside the demographics of the Fall 2015 voyagers on board the MV World Odyssey. With the student body representing more than […]


    Semester at Sea has been closely monitoring the current situation in Turkey, along its Syrian border, while staying in contact with the U.S. State Department and our security partners for […]

  • MV World Odyssey Grand Unveiling

    Crowding the docks of the Queen Elizabeth II Terminal in Southampton, nearly 300 students, parents, and alumni gathered for the Fall 2015 Grand Unveiling of the MV World Odyssey Saturday […]

  • Fall 2015 Voyage Departure Update

    The MV World Odyssey will be departing early today from the port of Southampton, following completion of the student embarkation at 1700 hours local time, in planned steps to avoid […]

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