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Alumni Stories


SAS Alumni Stories

It is an incredible privilege and a joy to be a part of what is really just a remarkable adventure—extraordinary experience for all of us—to be on this voyage.

-Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Semester at Sea Alumnus and Trustee


Semester at Sea is the only program I know of which provides students an opportunity for a true cross-cultural experience. On my voyage, we traveled to 10 countries on 3 continents. The time spent in each country is short, true, but the classes on the ship give students knowledge of the history and culture of countries before visits, so students have enough background to make sense of what they experience. The approach of traveling to countries in far corners of the world means students can compare the culture and lifestyles of people in very diverse places - and come to understand what makes us all unique, but how truly similar people around the world are.

-Carolyn Szoke, Spring 2001

On SAS, I had the opportunity to feel a bond and closeness with people with whom I wouldn’t have otherwise had a connection. I learned about their lives, their children’s lives, their daily struggles, their most significant times of joy and began to really care. As I traveled, I became more connected not only to the people I met, but all people everywhere. We are all the same and every human life is important.

-Danny Greene, Fall 1996 and Summer 2001

In the past 100 days my mind, my perceptions, my opinions and my emotions have been challenged in ways I could have never even imagined. I fell in love with the world and in love with its people. Semester at Sea changed me as a person, and that is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

-Kaitlin Kikalo, Fall 2011


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