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As an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization, Semester at Sea is completely dependent upon enrollment revenues and philanthropic gifts from our alumni, parents, friends and corporate sponsors.

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Ways to Give

Making a gift to SAS is as simple as clicking a button and completing the online form, or phoning our staff for information and professional assistance. Please take a moment to explore the giving options listed below.

Change the World

While the experience of a Semester at Sea voyage is incredible, our real impact is felt after our students leave our ship. With a new understanding of the complexities of a global economy, politics, religion and cultures, our students embark upon a lifetime of positive change in the world.

Whether they start their own non-profit, raise children with a different perspective about their place in the world, or offer valuable insights in their community or workplace, our alumni change the world. We know that Semester at Sea has the power to end human suffering, increase the chances for real peace and eliminate hunger.

We have such great work to do, and your gifts ensure that we continue on this noble mission.

Ensure Academic Excellence

Our unique combination of academic rigor and first-hand involvement has been preparing students for lives of global leadership, service and success for nearly five decades. SAS designs its itineraries and courses around current issues and events, ensuring that the program remains vital and relevant in a changing world.

Gifts provide support for both the academic and the field aspects of the SAS experience. With the world as our classroom, the opportunities for teaching and learning are boundless.

Our new academic partnership with Colorado State University guarantees that our students receive instruction by innovative thought leaders who engage students in critical thinking and problem solving.

Annual Fund

The Semester at Sea Annual Fund provides critically important, unrestricted funds that immediately support the initiatives of the Semester at Sea Strategic Plan endorsed by the SAS/ISE Board of Trustees.

The 1963 Society

Established in honor of Semester at Sea’s 50th Anniversary, The 1963 Society helps to ensure that our voyages over the next 50 years continue to experience the thrill of each port, learn different cultures, interact with world-class faculty and staff, and make lifelong memories. The society honors individuals who have provided for Semester at Sea in their estate plans.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

SAS Day of Giving

Every year, Semester at Sea celebrates the Day of Giving, an opportunity for alumni, parents, friends and family to support the program. With an ever-increasing number of donors and high enrollments for voyages, now is a great time to invest in the program that gave you the world.

We hope you will participate in the SAS Day of Giving!

Shipboard Drive

Held on each voyage for more than two decades, the SAS Shipboard Drive provides current voyagers the opportunity to support the mission of Semester at Sea. Proceeds raised go directly toward the SAS Annual Fund, which helps maintain and improve many other aspects of the SAS program.

The Results of Giving

Administrative and Programmatic Support

Like all good seafarers before us, we have learned the value of planning and preparing for every possible contingency. As vital source of unrestricted support, the annual fund provides SAS with necessary reserves and resiliency to respond to conditions as they arise.

Unlike many land-based institutions, SAS receives no state support or research grants to supplement tuition. The majority of our costs are currently being covered by student revenues. A gift helps strengthen our commitment to a strong, enduring Semester at Sea program.

As a recipient of ISE/SAS aid, I have been given the opportunity to see the world in a meaningful way and this opportunity is priceless.

-Samantha Wojdynski, Spring 2009