Spring 2023

BUS 479 - Strategic Management

Overview of Course

The purpose of this course is for students to understand how companies compete both globally and regionally. The study of Strategy is the study of the competitive environment of business which comprises the role of institutions and industries in shaping corporate strategic behavior. This course utilizes a continuous learning model resulting in real time analysis of economic and societal trends, technological innovations, environmental impacts and opportunities, as well as market entry strategies.

Students will develop competency in: understanding the fundamentals of competitive analysis; conducting industry analysis; conducting research on supply chains, market dynamics, competitor behavior, technology trends and consumer trends affecting business; applying innovations in corporate social responsibility and global ethics; conducting a competitor analysis based upon a specific region of the voyage; developing market entry strategies for a particular country along the voyage.

In addition, through the design of course projects, students will improve their leadership and independent thinking skills; collaborative skills, teamwork, and their ability to work well with diverse others.