Spring 2023

SPCM 200 Public Speaking [CRN 21082]

Overview of Course

No matter where your life takes you, at some point you will be asked to deliver a speech, make remarks, or give a presentation. This on your feet skills-based course is meant to help you become a better public speaker through theory and practice. This course introduces students to the practical and theoretical elements of effective public speaking: identifying techniques for minimizing distractions, reducing anxiety, developing confidence in presentation and interaction situations, and analyzing informational requirements. You will learn to actively listen to and critically examine your own and others’ speeches. We will analyze historically significant and influential speeches that have had a political or social impact on the societies we interact with during the voyage. We will also dissect debates and explore the public fields and careers in which speechmaking and communications are central to success. Within the ‘safe space’ of our group, we will discover your potential, address shared challenges, build on your distinctive strengths, and take full advantage of all the unique opportunities to observe, learn, and grow found on a Semester at Sea voyage. The skills developed in this course will be beneficial in daily conversations, academic pursuits, business settings, and self-empowerment.