Fall 2022

SPCM 200 Public Speaking [CRN 72168]

Overview of Course

This course allows students to learn, practice, and fine-tune their public speaking skills, and is appropriate for both inexperienced and experienced speakers. The course focuses on research, writing, and delivery skills for oral presentation in a variety of settings, within different countries of port. Equal consideration given to communication theory, speech preparation, and delivery with critical thinking, argument forms, and audience analysis is emphasized. The course also focuses on using technology as a presentational component. Students will gain foundational understanding of public speaking, including: anxiety management, constructive feedback, delivery techniques, audience analysis, topic selection, research techniques, outlining and organization, ethical speaking, as well as time management and technical limitations. In addition, students will learn to actively listen to and critically examine their own and others’ speeches while recognizing logical fallacies. The skills developed in this course will be beneficial in daily conversations, future academic pursuits, business settings, decision making, self-empowerment, and self-empowerment.