Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

SPCM 434 - Intercultural Communication

Overview of Course

Communication, culture and identity are intricately linked and affect our inter- and intra-group communication. This undergraduate seminar explores the significance of identities and identity construction through human interaction in a rapidly changing global landscape. This course is designed to take advantage of the unique semester at sea experience that provides a multicultural and international environment where we are constantly being introduced to new views, experiences, and landscapes within various socio-political climates. This course helps students navigate the processes by which we acquire, manage, and execute our cultures, thought patterns, values, assumptions, and concepts that constitute our complex world. The goals of this course are to 1) obtain a clear understanding of emergent concepts and theoretic insights within interdisciplinary identity research and their relationship to communication; 2) analyze the factors affecting your identity development, maintenance, and negotiation within various settings, 3) explore the global differences in identity formation, performance, and negotiation, and 4) practice competent intercultural communication from a mutual space of love, respect, and forgiveness.