Advanced Digital Documentary Photography

Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication
Instructor: Seel
Credits: 3

Field Work: Advanced Digital Documentary Photography
Prerequisites: This is not an introductory course. Completion of one (1) digital photography course (or an equivalent course on photographic fundamentals) is required. This course will have limited technical instruction. Students will be asked to provide an example of a prior photo story, a portfolio (with 10-15 images) via URL, for admission to this course. See the syllabus for more detail. Download Syllabus

This is a hands-on course in the conceptualization, production, and editing of photographic documentaries for publication in hard copy and online. During the term, each student will produce two short-form and one long-form photographic project, in addition to port-related photo essays. A key occupational focus for this field is magazine photography. Course content will analyze conceptual, photographic, and editing criteria for creative non-fiction still photo documentation of people, places, and themes. Students will show new photographic work as assigned for instructor and peer review purposes as part of a formal critique process. Students will also critique the work of fellow students and experienced professionals in an intelligent and thoughtful way as part of learning to be a skilled documentary photographer.

Field Work