African Drumming (Section 1)

Discipline: Music Ensemble
Instructor: Kaloyanides
Credits: 1
Day: A
Start: 17:15
End: 18:15
Field Work: African Drumming (Section 1) Download Syllabus

This course is an introduction to the performance of African drum ensemble musics and to the African societies that nurture these musics. Our drumming ensemble will learn drum pieces of the Ashanti, Ewe, Akan, and Ga peoples of Ghana and of other African communities. Students will learn to play drums and other membranophones and idiophones employed in recreational, religious, ceremonial and warrior musical styles and study the role of the music in African life. The class will also consider the role of musicians and, in particular, the master drummer in African societies. The objectives of the course are to allow students to develop a deep understanding of a non-Western musical tradition from a musician’s conceptual and performance perspective and to present realized performances in a public setting.

Field Work