Biogeography [CRN 79639]

Discipline: Geography
Instructor: McKeon
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1230
End: 1350
Field Work: Day 1 | September 15, 2017 | Spain
Prerequisites: Three (3) geography credits Download Syllabus

Biogeography is the study of spatial patterns of biological diversity and its causes. Biogeography is the synthesis of ecology, evolution, paleontology, and climatology. This course will provide a historical background for the field of biogeography and the ecological foundations needed to understand the distribution and abundance of species and their changes over time. We will explore the biogeography of the globe, particularly the areas visited on our voyage, and the relevance of biogeography during this time of increasing human impact and climate change.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 1
Date: September 15, 2017