Biology of Sharks

Discipline: Biology
Instructor: Abel
Credits: 3
Day: null
Start: 12:30
End: 13:45
Field Work: Day 1 | Portugal Download Syllabus

A comprehensive survey of the biology and ecology of sharks. Major topics include evolution and classification, anatomy and physiology, population dynamics, trophic relationships, habitat selection, life history, behavior, shark-human interactions, and conservation. Field practica include trips to places where we can observe and/or capture sharks, including local habitats, aquaria, seafood markets, and fishing fleets.

Field Work

Country: Portugal
Day: 1

This field lab will encompass four aspects of the biology of sharks and rays (1) their presence in local fish markets; (2) display and husbandry at an aquarium (3) an optional dissection and (4) a lecture by one Europe's top shark biologists. We will first visit a local fish market and identify sharks for sale (and possibly buy one or two to dissect later in the day), then shark expert Dr. João Correia will lead us on a tour of the Lisbon Oceanário. Following lunch in "Parque das Nações" area (beautifully set by the River Tagus), we will either dissect some sharks or head back to the M/V Explorer to hear Dr. Correia talk about the sharks and rays of Portugal, as well as shark conservation in Europe. Though not the equivalent of swimming with the beasts, this promises to be a very cool and informative field lab, one that I'm very excited about!