Business as a Tool for Liberation and Oppression

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Litz
Credits: 3

Field Class: Peru Download Syllabus

This course seeks to help students understand the complex, and sometimes conflicted, roles of business activity in the modern world. The course will consider a variety of forms of business activity, ranging form the new start-up to the large multinational corporation, in a variety of different Latin American contexts, including several encountered during the voyage.

Special Requirements:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Marketing

Field Class

Country: Peru

This Field Lab will explore two topics addressed in the first section of the course 'BUsiness As A Tool of Liberation and Oppression'. The topice are: heritage tourism and fair trade. Led by Yannina Meza of Manos-Amigas of Lima, Peru, we will leave in the morning from the port of Callao to visit the Pachacamac Ruins. After enjoying the Andean lunchtime speciality of Pachamanca, which consists of potatoes, pork, chicken and vegetables cooked underground, we will visit three workshops involved as a supplier to the North American fair trade organization Ten Thousand Villages. The two main purposes of this Field Lab are for students to better understand (1) the role of heritage tourism as a strategy for economic development and (2) the nature and practice of fair trade strategies. The assigned readings included in both Session 2 and 3 are mandatory preparatory readings.