Buyer Behavior [CRN 77187]

Discipline: Marketing
Instructor: Carvalho
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1210
End: 1330
Field Work: Day 1 - Tuesday, 22 November | Peru
Prerequisites: One (1) upper division fundamentals of marketing course Download Syllabus

Effective marketing centers on understanding and satisfying customers’ needs and wants. In this course, concepts, theories, and frameworks will be used to understand buyer behavior and in turn formulate effective marketing strategies and tactics. While this course should help students better understand themselves as consumers, its primary objective is to provide students with a set of approaches, frameworks, and concepts that should be considered in marketing decision making. In addition, the course illuminates some of the positive and negative effects of business, and more specifically marketing, on consumers and society.

Field Work

Country: Peru
Day: 1 - Tuesday, 22 November

The goal of the field class is to verify the application of the concepts learned in class in the markets visited in the field class. For this purpose, the field portion of the course will focus on ‘How do local consumers behave (where and what do they buy).’ In Callao, Peru, students will have the opportunity to visit local markets and meet with local consumer behavior experts to gain a better understanding of the behavior of local consumers. Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of local consumer behavior;
  2. See where and what locals shop;
  3. Examine local advertising, promotion, and advertising first hand;
  4. Assess the differences/similarities between the behavior of local and North American consumers.