Discipline: Religion Christianity
Instructor: McCormick
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 1 - Sunday, 31 January | China Download Syllabus

The academic study of global Christianity as the world’s largest religion is an important tool for understanding people and cultures around the world, for as Christianity has spread to every corner of the globe it has shaped and been shaped by the politics, customs, and cultures of its new converts. This course will examine the history and development of Christianity, focusing on its rise as a world religion and the ways it has adapted to and often adopted the beliefs and practices of local communities. In particular, this course will explore the forms and expressions Christianity has taken on in different countries in Asia and Africa, and investigate how these distinct local expressions of Christianity are part of a larger global religious tradition.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 1 - Sunday, 31 January

Visit Our Lady of She Shan Basilica and learn about its history in the colonial and modern eras. An introduction to the basic elements of Christian worship and the ritual of the pilgrimage.

Academic Objectives:
1. Explore Christian worship in China.
2. Tour a major Christian site in Shanghai that includes a pilgrimage shrine.
3. Identify ways in which the worship, art, and institutional structures of Christianity have been influenced by its Asian context.
4. Learn the basics of Christian church architecture.