Communication, Culture, and Identity

Discipline: Media Studies
Instructor: Johnson
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1550
End: 1705
Field Class: Day 1 - Wednesday, 25 March | South Africa Download Syllabus

Communication, Culture & Identities is an advanced undergraduate seminar that explores the significance of identities and identity construction in human interaction. This course is designed to allow you to investigate the processes by which we acquire, manage, and execute those cultural qualities, patterns of thinking, values, assumptions, and concepts that constitute our subjective culture. The goals of this course are to 1) obtain a clear understanding of emergent concepts and theoretic insights within interdisciplinary identity research and their inextricable relationship to communication; 2) analyze the factors affecting your identity development, maintenance, and negotiation within interactive settings, and 3) explore the global differences in identity formation, performance, and negotiation.

Field Class

Country: South Africa
Day: 1 - Wednesday, 25 March

Students and faculty will take a ferry to Robin Island where Nelson Mandela and many other political activists were held prisoner. The tour of Robin Island and the prison grounds will take approximately 3.5 hours. We will engage in conversations about Apartheid, Difference, and the different types of identities in South Africa that make it look different from any other country in Africa. Students will have the opportunity to speak with men who were held captive at the prison and now work as tour guides. When we leave Robin Island, we will stop at a local restaurant to debrief and speak with our tour guide about current issues dealing with integration and difference. Academic Objectives:

  1. Learn the history of apartheid in South Africa
  2. Witness the spaces and places where historical progress changed the segregated cultures of South Africa
  3. Learn the critical role communication played in developing and implementing a strategy of integration
  4. Reinforce the important links between how we communicate identity and culture in order to progress