Human Sexuality (Section 2)

Discipline: Sociology
Instructor: Parrot
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1640
End: 1755
Field Work: Day 1 - Thursday, 31 July | Sweden
Prerequisites: A sociology, psychology, or public health introductory course. Download Syllabus

Students will explore human sexuality from a cross-cultural perspective. Particular emphasis will be placed on the United States, as well as the countries we will be visiting, although discussion of sexual approaches in other parts of the world will also be discussed. Topics to be covered include: policies, laws, religion & sexuality, rites of passage, marriage practices, violence against women, family structure, anatomy, physiology, sexual health care, sexual orientation, sexual response, intimate relationships, abortion & contraceptive availability, and sexual practices of specific sub-populations. Methods of evaluation consist of three tests, one oral report of course related field experiences, and one paper on some country specific aspect of human sexuality related to the course material, class participation and attendance. Suggested pre-requisite: an introductory course in sociology, psychology, or public health.

Field Work

Country: Sweden
Day: 1 - Thursday, 31 July

We will be exploring the following issues throughout the day by working with a Swedish NGO dealing with these issues, and attending the Stockholm Gay Pride event: -          The sex law that targets people who solicit sex workers, but not the sex workers themselves. -          Swedish school based sex education, and the outcomes of this approach. -          Access to contraceptives and abortion. -          Attitudes about sexual orientation. Academic Objectives: 1. Determine how a sexually progressive culture approaches sexual issues in a constructive manner. 2. Understand the implications of approaching sexuality education comprehensively and positively. 3. Explore Swedish attitudes regarding sexual orientation through participant observation during the Stockholm Pride event.