Cross Cultural Psychology

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Weigl
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 13:05
End: 14:20
Field Work: Day 1 | Brazil Download Syllabus

This course covers the concepts at the heart of the growing field of cross-cultural psychology, but aims specifically at helping students transfer this knowledge to novel and diverse field settings. The course has a strong applied and experiential emphasis. Including many concepts from intercultural communications and anthropology, the professor offers a clear, memorable, and comprehensive framework for describing culture unfolding in front of us in everyday life. Students will learn how culture, even if unnoticed, profoundly shapes our psychology, and how culture, as a new focus of study, is influencing psychology as a discipline. A distinctive emphasis of this course is guiding students in disciplined study of their own cultural make-up, a valuable prelude to detecting accurately the cultural realities at play in the lives of others. Fieldwork includes a visit with a cross-cultural psychologist at a Brazilian University and learning how to conduct careful ethnographic research; from field observations students learn to frame initial hypotheses about the connection between culture and psychology, and then build theory through combining the inferences of multiple independent observers. A final course project involves designing cross-cultural research or intercultural interventions in familiar settings. The course will offer direction and personal consultation to aid students’ forming future educational and career plans.
Special Requirements:
Introductory Psychology.

Field Work

Country: Brazil
Day: 1

This program-Brazilian Ethnography-will provide students with a chance to apply theory from cultural psychology in the field, understanding how ideas of culture are developed or refined working from observations of behavior. Students will have a chance for active personal interchange with a leading Brazilian scholar in Cross-Cultural Psychology. They will also have a chance to experience a guided introduction to places and people that make-up distinctive styles of life in Rio. The program will provide students with a foundation for conducting their own independent field observations in following days.