Cross-cultural Psychology

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Barratt
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 0800
End: 0915
Field Work: Day 6 - Ho Chi Minh City - 19 February | Vietnam Download Syllabus

Comparisons of human thought and behavior across cultures provide a natural experiment in the
relative influence of culture and other factors on the behavior of individuals and families. This
course will examine cultural differences and similarities in basic psychological constructs such
as attachment in the family, socialization of gender roles, identity development, individualism
and collectivism, and emotional expressiveness. This course will draw upon ideas from
anthropology, sociology, biology, and geography to examine ways that thought and behavior
vary across cultures as well as the etiology and consequences of this variation. The focus will
be on critically thinking about the material and engaging respectfully in an ongoing conversation
as the multicultural community of students emerges over the semester and in the focused
explorations around the world. Also included will be a focus on acculturation and biculturalism.

Field Work

Country: Vietnam
Day: 6 - Ho Chi Minh City - 19 February

Questions about culture and psychology that emerge from the text and from class discussions will be accumulated for addressing in small group and individual conversations with students from the University of Saigon who are learning English. By spending time together we will have a better understanding of similarities (universalities) and differences (individual and cultural). Academic Objectives:

  1. Apply cross-cultural psychology by thinking critically about theory and research in a person-to-person context.
  2. Make personal connections with young people in Vietnam.
  3. Learn about culture and psychology from one-on-one and small group conversations.