Cultural Conversation: The Global Citizen

Discipline: Spanish
Instructor: Smith
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 14:30
End: 15:45
Field Work: Day 1 | Argentina Download Syllabus

SPAN 3030 is a three-credit intermediate course designed to polish the linguistic skills acquired at the 2000 level in such a way that the student successfully transitions to advanced-level comprehension and conversation. The material covered in this course serves as a point of departure to increase student vocabulary on a wide range of cultural, political, and ideological topics relevant not only to the Spanish-speaking world but also to the non-Spanish-speaking ports of call. Students will focus on expressing their own beliefs and experiences with sensitivity and will engage in an ongoing dialogue about what it means to be a global citizen. This is not a lecture course but rather a seminar meant to foster interpersonal communication and cultural understanding; therefore active verbal participation will be required from each student during each class session.

Special Requirements:

SPAN 3010 (Grammar Review), AP Spanish score of 4 or 5, or Placement Test score above 535

Field Work

Country: Argentina
Day: 1

Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the cultural history of Buenos Aires. Depart from the pier to the nearby La Boca neighborhood, known for its colorful buildings, bohemian flare, and Italian influence. From there, participate in a walking tour of the capital city that highlights many of the important sites of author Jorge Luis Borges' life, from his childhood neighborhood to places where he composed some of his most famous literary works. Following the tour, visit the renowned Café Tortoni, where countless Argentine artists and intellectuals - including Borges - have met over the past 150 years. Finally, visit a local bookstore where you can observe the current literary culture and purchase books or souvenirs if desired.