Cultural Psychology

Discipline: Psychology
Instructor: Rux
Credits: 3
Day: null
Start: 13:55
End: 15:10
Field Work: Day 1 | Croatia Download Syllabus

The 21st Century and the phenomenon of Globalization heighten both the need and the opportunity to increase our understanding of people across the globe. Cross-Cultural research in psychology is the systematic comparison of psychological variables under different cultural conditions undertaken in order to identify universal aspects of human behavior and causes of behavior differences. Within this framework, we will explore the following topics: how culture influences the development of a concept of self, how culture affects social behavior in both the broader society and the cultural expressions of psychopathology. This Cross-Cultural Psychology class utilizes the insights available to us through the integration of research from other social science disciplines, especially anthropology and sociology. Students will participate in individual and small group projects that explore our understanding of culture. Through select field experiences students will have the opportunity to apply cross-cultural psychology concepts of psychological well-being on three levels: the individual level, the cultural level, and within cross-cultural encounters in this globalized world.

Special Requirements:

Introduction to Psychology

Field Work

Country: Croatia
Day: 1

0900 Guest lecture by Dr. Dejan Jovic on board the MV Explorer at 0900 or as soon as the ship is cleared. His presentation will focus on the many definitions of ethnic and political identity which were in escalating conflict after the demise of the Soviet Union. At the end of the presentation, the students will be able to ask questions. 1030 We will then leave the ship and walk to the War Photo Museum to see the visual rendering of the conflict. There we will be met by Natasa Kurucki, a Serbian college student and Fall 2011 SAS Alum, and three of her classmates, all of whom grew up during, and were directly affected by, the conflict of the 1990s. This exchange will allow the SAS students the opportunity to talk in a smaller group with residents of the country. 1230 Lunch will follow in a local restaurant. 1430 Following lunch we will tour the city and if there is time we will visit The Rector’s Palace. 1600 Return to the ship