Drawing at Sea I (Section 1)

Discipline: Studio Art
Instructor: Kim
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 0925
End: 1040
Field Work: Day 1 - Shanghai - Tuesday, 03 February | China Download Syllabus

This course focuses on the fundamentals of drawing and is intended for beginning students. During the semester, students will learn basic drawing skills and techniques to sharpen their observational sensibilities and to strengthen hand-eye coordination. Students will explore the formal visual elements of drawing (line, shape, value, texture, and space) while using a broad range of drawing media (pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, ink.) The concepts such as figure/ground, proportion, positive & negative space, perspective, volume & weight, light, and composition will be introduced. As the semester progresses, students will examine the nuances of visual language across cultures. In ports, students will record the visual information that represent aspects of the culture they encounter on their sketchbooks and collect materials to be incorporated into projects at sea. Slide presentations will provide useful examples of works of Art from the History as well as Contemporary Art.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 1 - Shanghai - Tuesday, 03 February

Students will first visit Long Museum in the morning. Students are asked to walk around the museum and pick one artwork and take a brief field note/report on the work. After a traditional Chinese meal, students will visit Shanghai Power Station where they can see the contemporary art of Chinese artists as well as international artists in Shanghai Biennale. The Shanghai Biennale is one of the major international art fairs in Asia which provides a platform for the showcase of contemporary art production, but also forums where artists can meet, challenge their work and expand their experiences. This year's Biennale, entitled 'Social Factory', can inspire students to reflect on how our industrialized and modernized society influences cultures around individuals and the world. Finally, students will visit the French Concession, the area of Shanghai once designed for the French. The tree lines avenues and the many fine, historic old houses in the area still retain an air of the “Paris of the East”. Students will have a tea break at a local cafe, share their experience at the Biennale as well as Long museum, and discuss how they may influence and be incorporated into their art projects. Students then will be given time to walk around, draw, take pictures, collect visual data, and work on their journals before they return to the ship. Academic Objectives: 1. Gather knowledge of contemporary art practice in China 2. Observe, draw, write about their ideas and responses to the artworks 3. Participate in individual, small group and collective critiques to share observation