Drawing at Sea I (Section 2)

Discipline: Studio Art
Instructor: Kim
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1550
End: 1705
Field Work: Day 1 - Wednesday, 25 March | South Africa Download Syllabus

This course focuses on the fundamentals of drawing and is intended for beginning students. During the semester, students will learn basic drawing skills and techniques to sharpen their observational sensibilities and to strengthen hand-eye coordination. Students will explore the formal visual elements of drawing (line, shape, value, texture, and space) while using a broad range of drawing media (pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, ink.) The concepts such as figure/ground, proportion, positive & negative space, perspective, volume & weight, light, and composition will be introduced. As the semester progresses, students will examine the nuances of visual language across cultures. In ports, students will record the visual information that represent aspects of the culture they encounter on their sketchbooks and collect materials to be incorporated into projects at sea. Slide presentations will provide useful examples of works of Art from the History as well as Contemporary Art.

Field Work

Country: South Africa
Day: 1 - Wednesday, 25 March

Students will visit South African National Gallery (Iziko Nat'l Gallery), which has an outstanding collection of South African, African, and European Art. This field lab will give students opportunity to examine the extraordinary range of aesthetic production in South Africa. Students will engage in a group critique of work of art in the museum. Then students will go to Bo-Kaap Museum, situated in Malay/Islamic neighborhood, where they can see the rich cultural influences of Malay community in the area. Students will also visit Auwal Mosque, the oldest Islamic Moque in South Africa. After spending early afternoon in Bo-Kaap, students will go to Pan African Market where they can see the wide range of African folk arts, antiques, and crafts. Students will gather visual resources from these locations, write a filed lab report on their choice of artwork at the museum, and keep records of their visual/cultural experiences. Academic Objectives:

  1. Students will gain knowledge on South African Art and culture.
  2. Students will learn about cultural influences of Malays community in Cape Town.
  3. Students will have exposure to South African folk arts and crafts in the market.