Elementary Spanish

Discipline: Spanish
Instructor: Piña
Credits: 4

Field Class: Costa Rica Download Syllabus

Spanish 1010 is four credit immersion introductory level course for true beginners that will meet four hours a day every on-ship day, plus the lunchtime at a reserved area, designed to aid develop a thorough foundation in all the language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This course will integrate port visits, travel learning experiences, and on ship scenarios into the assignments and vocabulary to be studied. In addition to discussing the cultural material integrated to the textbook’s chapters this class covers, the student will study other cultural sections or complementary material, according to the ports scheduled to visit.

Special Requirements:

Recommended: — An Unabridged Spanish-English Dictionary (e.g. Webster, Larousse, Oxford) — A digital camera, video camera or drawing materials for field assignments. — A laptop, I-pod, or another electronic device to download the Textbook audio, the Quia Workbook, and the Lab Manual, at least a week before embarking. Student’s textbook udio:http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073534420/student_view0/index.html

Field Class

Country: Costa Rica

Spanish 1010 will have its culminating Field Lab on Day 1 in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica. After having practiced during class and prior port visits, students will be able to apply the target language to more demanding tasks, as well as develop their conversation skills, so that they can reflect on the cultural similarities and differences between the first port visits, their own culture, and what they knew before this voyage. Students' experiences during this Field Lab will be part of their final oral exam and presentation (see syllabus). As during class days at sea, only Spanish will be spoken during the Field Lab. The professor will organize specific tasks to accomplish during the visit. The students will record their experiences by taking notes, drawing, or taking photos. Some planned activities include a traditional Costa Rican breakfast in Puerto Limón's main market, time to discover what is done and sold in that market, and the opportunity to interact with vendors, artisans and/or customers. As the day progresses, the group will visit some general areas of Puerto Limón to learn about the history and look at the local architecture of the homes, schools, business areas, etc. A local escort will accompany the group to guide the visit. Students will create or look for opportunities to use the vocabulary and grammatical structures they have learned. In the afternoon, the group will travel by bus to visit Cahuita National Park and its beach area; afterwards, students will have lunch at a local restaurant to taste a variety of traditional Costa Rican dishes. Before going back, the students will have time to visit local businesses, see some artisans perform their crafts, and/or witness community members in their daily routine activities. The group will return to the MV Explorer around 1700.