Experiential Education

Discipline: Educational Instructional Services
Instructor: Garvey
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1640
End: 1755
Field Work: Day 4 - Sunday, 20 July | Norway Download Syllabus

Beginning with the works of the great American philosopher John Dewey we will learn how experiential learning is practiced in the countries we visit.  Two examples of experiential education we will critique are the “folkschool “ movement in Scandinavia and the relatively recent Russian experiential education emphasis that is seen as necessary to reform education from a pedagogy that had previously been based upon a totalitarian educational approach. In addition, our “voyage of discovery” provides us with an opportunity to examine the ways that experiencing different counties as we travel influences our understanding of our own learning.

Field Work

Country: Norway
Day: 4 - Sunday, 20 July

Experiential Activities and Reflection Students will plan, present and evaluate a number of educational activities that are designed to demonstrate various learning objectives. The lab will be held in a local park where students will interact with local people. Guest appearances by Norwegian educators will provide a rich complement to the learning. In the morning, we’ll walk to the park and engage in educational activities from 9:30-1200. Lunch will be an educational experience purchasing local food and preparing it for group consumption. From 2:00 pm-5:00 pm meet with local educators and examine the Norwegian education system. Academic Objectives: 1. Meet local educators and various educational projects 2. Understand how experiential education is practiced in Norway, with particular emphasis on “folk school” movement 3. Carefully debrief the experience