Feature Writing [CRN 31322]

Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication
Instructor: Rice
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1400
End: 1520
Field Work: Day 1 | January 24, 2019 | Japan
Prerequisites: One (1) newswriting or reporting course or permission of instructor Download Syllabus

A well-crafted feature story can inform, entertain, provoke and inspire. In this class, students will learn and polish the techniques to do all those things and more. Students will sharpen research, reporting, interviewing and writing skills as they produce a portfolio of stories on a wide range of issues and topics, including international relations, human rights, health, the environment, sports, entertainment, global cooperation, culture and social justice. Subject matter will derive from the four continents we visit during our voyage.

Assignments will include profiles, human interest stories, Q&A stories, observation stories, how-to stories and in-depth reporting.  Students can expect one-on-one coaching and critiques as they develop and write their stories. Freelance writing and how to pitch stories for publication also will be explored.

Field Work

Country: Japan
Day: 1
Date: January 24, 2019

This field class will be not only about eating the incredible food of Kobe, but writing about it. Students will sample Kobe fare as research for travel articles about the cuisine of Kobe. As part of the experiences, students will have an opportunity to learn from the city’s chefs, artisans, and brewers. The course will highlight Kobe’s specialties and explore out-of-the-way neighborhood eating places that tourists usually miss.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Research cuisine in a foreign country with an eye of toward writing for a tourist audience
  2. Experience new tastes and dishes and develop skills to explain those experiences
  3. Learn first-hand the secrets of the cooks, chefs and restaurant owners
  4. Gain knowledge of how a travel story with substance is researched and created