Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship [CRN 31316]

Discipline: Management
Instructor: Molloy
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1530
End: 1650
Field Work: Day 1 | February 28, 2019 | India
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

The course provides a broad introduction to entrepreneurship and prepares students for developing a mindset for thinking creatively, using innovation, recognizing opportunities and generating entrepreneurial ideas This includes opportunity identification, idea generation, risk assessment, resource acquisition and analysis, strategic market entry, performance assessment, and building a team. Other topics include strategic and tactical planning and entrepreneurial activities of an actual business enterprise. We will also look at the role of the entrepreneur in the local and global society and the interconnectedness of both. The experience will emphasize the importance of entrepreneurs to think globally from the very start of their operations.

Through a combination of readings, interactive exercises, field classes, projects and exams, students will understand why entrepreneurship is important to society, and acquire the tools to creatively solve problems, generate venture ideas and develop the tools needed to assess the value of their new venture ideas. The course will also allow students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, whether the setting is entrepreneurial activity within an existing firm or a new venture.

Field Work

Country: India
Day: 1
Date: February 28, 2019

Our field class will include a visit and tour of NASSCOM-Kochi and the Start-Up Warehouse, presentations by NASSCOM-Kochi leadership on the entrepreneurial environment in Kochi and the operations of the Start-Up Warehouse, and discussions with individual entrepreneurs.

Learning objectives:

1 Gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the entrepreneurial environment in India
2. Understand the role of NASSCOM in facilitating entrepreneurial activities in Kochi (and India, more broadly) and
3. Enhance your knowledge of the challenges faced by individual entrepreneurs when starting and attempting to scale up new enterprises in India.