Gender and Society

Discipline: Sociology
Instructor: Leeder
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 08:00
End: 09:15
Field Work: Day 1 - Buenos Aires - Tuesday, 12 November | Argentina
Prerequisites: Introduction to Sociology or lower level social sciences course Download Syllabus

This course examines gender as a social construction and analyzes how gender is socially created and enforced. Gender stereotypes and inequalities are embedded in social relationships, social institutions, social structure and cultural artifacts. This course examines the changes in gender relations and inequalities across countries to which we will be traveling and also looks at how gender inequalities continue to exist in a globalized world. It also highlights the significant economic and social/health consequences of gender inequalities. The intersection of race, class, ethnicity and sexualities are explored through the lens of gender and globalization.

Field Work

Country: Argentina
Day: 1 - Buenos Aires - Tuesday, 12 November

Help Argentina is an NGO that has as its goal to strengthen non-profits that work for social change; they aim to increase confidence in the public sector and to promote a culture of giving among Argentines. We will visit two of their organizations: Nuestras Huellas, which promotes women’s microenterprises and helps to finance community banks in vulnerable neighborhoods and Fundacion Huesped, which responds to AIDS/HIV and the challenges of improving information, education and prevention access, expand public support and educate health professionals while preventing discrimination. Academic Objectives: 1. To understand the gendered issues related to the role of women in economic development 2. To see the impact of HIV/AIDS and the community response using a gendered lens 3. To attempt to determine the gendered differences in NGO organizations