Geohazards and Natural Disasters

Discipline: Environmental Science
Instructor: Davies-Vollum
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 15:40
End: 16:55
Field Work: Day 1 - Rio de Janeiro - Wednesday, 20 November | Brazil
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

This course focuses on understanding natural phenomena that we perceive as hazardous or disastrous. We will consider the science that governs these phenomena using case studies from countries that we will visit. Topics include plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, coastal erosion, hurricanes and wildfires.

Field Work

Country: Brazil
Day: 1 - Rio de Janeiro - Wednesday, 20 November

Floods, landslides, coastal erosion and forest fires all impact the densely populated city of Rio de Janeiro. To find out what the city is doing to mitigate natural disasters students will visit the new state of the art Rio Operations Center. Students will also visit the sites of hazards and disasters in the Rio area, in particular areas affected by the 2011 mudslides and floods (the worst natural disaster in Brazilian history). Academic Objectives: 1. To learn about the natural hazards affecting the city of Rio de Janeiro. 2. To discover how the city of Rio de Janeiro prepares for natural hazards. 3. To find out how the Intelligent Operations Centre provides emergency response to the city of Rio de Janeiro.