Global Business: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Girard
Credits: 3

Field Class: Costa Rica Download Syllabus

This Global Business course focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with organizational management and business strategy in the global environment. The course is intended to be a challenging upper-level class for students who wish to explore the exciting domain of globalization with a specific view on the future. Students will gain a general overview of the process and effect of globalization in contemporary business, along with an introduction to theories, concepts and skills relevant to managing effectively in tomorrow’s global environment. Students will engage in active research and analytical problem solving related to managing in the global environment of tomorrow and will frequently be called upon to brief their findings to the class.

Field Class

Country: Costa Rica

The mission of Veragua Rainforest Research and Adventure Park is "to offer each visitor the best tropical rainforest experience in the Caribbean Basin, with the highest quality of service, along with a firm commitment to support the development of the local communities and to promote education, research, and respect for the environment." This facility is an example of ecotourism through conservation and demonstrates how businesses may earn a profit while caring for the natural environment and the people around it. This will be an action-packed full-day visit to an excellent example of for-profit ecobusiness. The tour includes interactive live exhibits of snakes, frogs (probably the only inverted cycle frog house in the world), and butterflies in an unparalleled set-up, walking trails, an open aerial tram ride through the rainforest canopy, a spectacular waterfall, and a real science station where you can see researchers discovering new species. Students will have the opportunity to try a zipline journey OR aerial tram journey, both of which provide an opportunity to appreciate the views of La Amistad International Park and ChirripĆ³ Reserve, in a unique and unforgettable fashion. Before completing the tours, students will meet with Marti Jimenez, Co-founder and CEO - Veragua Rainforest for a presentation and open discussion regarding the socioeconomic and environmental background of the location, the company's business plan, the challenges that had to be overcome during four years, and the capital structuring raising of $7M+ with 100 percent Costa Rican equity investors and loans from The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International and a local bank. Prior to the meeting with Marti Jumenez the students will complete an on-ship case study of Veragua Rainforest.