Global Business Ethics (Section 1)

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Duran
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 2 - Friday, 5 February | China Download Syllabus

This is a course in practical ethics that will be equally accessible to business students and students of philosophy. We will build on the foundations of moral philosophy to address the moral dimensions of everyday business decisions. Particular attention will be paid to the ethical complexities in cross-cultural and international business contexts. Active student participation is required.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 2 - Friday, 5 February

Multinational firms, especially financial institutions, are encountering major issues as they struggle with the “ethics” of doing business in the “New” China. Chinese firms as well as MNE’s based outside of China have increasingly been in the “spotlight” regarding their business practices that are frequently in conflict with both traditional and evolving standards of business ethics. This field trip is especially timely given the explosion of incidents related to business irregularities in China, especially issues associated with financial transactions. We will meet with Hong Kong business and government leaders, including the management of HSBC, to discuss the current status and evolution of business ethics in the “New” China.

Academic Objectives:
1. Understanding of the current status of Business Ethics in China;
2. Dialoguing with the senior management responsible for business ethics to understand the role and impact of HSBC in respect to past and current issues associated with Business Ethics as it relates to their customers and other stakeholders; and a
3. Review of the core issues, politics, penalties, and prospects for enhancing Business Ethics for both Chinese and non-Chinese based MNEs and entrepreneurial firms operating in Hong Kong.