Global Studies – Required Core Course (Section 2) [CRN 79664]

Discipline: International Education
Instructor: Gogniat
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 0930
End: 1050
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

Global Studies is the only common academic experience for all participants on the voyage. Through lectures, debates, panel discussions, and a variety of other pedagogical activities, Global Studies will present information and give students a chance to learn from many of the excellent faculty members who have been selected for their specific areas of expertise. It will be useful to students during their field experiences, but also it will provide a forum for discussion of the many cross-cultural questions and concerns from both student experiences and regional/global issues. Through Global Studies we intend to build a culture of intellectual curiosity that will enhance your entire experience. You will become “academic adventurers!”

The theme of the fall 2017 Global Studies course is “Migrations, Mutations, and Celebrations: Understanding the Cross Cultural Currents that are Changing the World.” “Migrations” refer to people, ideas, technology and many other aspects of our globalizing world; “Mutations” are the different ways various cultures accept or reject these influences; and “Celebrations” are the unique characteristics of the people we will be visiting.

Time will be devoted to making sure that you have a basic familiarity with all of the countries you will be exploring. In addition, we will cover issues relating to globalization; ecology and the environment; artistic, humanistic, and religious expressions; economic and communication systems; and human rights. In many ways this course is designed to get you ready for meeting the local people and to have successful intercultural interactions. “They” know something about you; I hope you will know something about them even before you meet. The more you know the richer and more respectful the experience will be for both of you.