Great Monuments of Art and Architectural History

Discipline: Architectural History
Instructor: Chunko
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1640
End: 1755
Field Work: Day 1- Bilbao - Friday, 27 June | Spain Download Syllabus

The Book of Kells, Bilbao Museum, and the Winter Palace of St. Petersburg… These are just some of the key art and architectural examples we will explore this summer on our voyage.  Each class we will situate the works studied in their historical and cultural contexts.  My goal is to impart not only a body of knowledge but also a set of critical tools you can apply to a wide range of material not specifically covered in this course.  By focusing on paintings, sculpture and buildings accessible to us in the ports we will visit during the course of the summer, this class teaches the fundamentals of visual analysis and interpretation.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 1- Bilbao - Friday, 27 June

Our class will visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. We will begin the site visit with an exploration of the multiple exterior views of the building, its larger architectural context and its place within the city both physically and historically.  After a morning of site analysis, we will tour the interior of the building with a focus on how it functions architecturally, how the building enhances or detracts from the exhibition.  What is successful about it as an exhibition space?  A building? How does the circulation work? The lighting?  Each student will write an extended journal entry on site as we visit and discuss the building.  We will work on developing these into visual analysis essays during our writing workshop when we return to class. This entry will be part of your overall learning portfolio and our work on site and in class will provide a model for the four essays you will write independently during the semester. Our visit will include an exclusive guided tour with a focus on the architecture. Your field lab work will be evaluated according to the class engagement and participation criteria listed above and as part of your learning portfolio.  Academic Objectives: 1. Application of analytical skills taught in class on-site 2. Understanding of building itself and its relationship to larger urban context 3. Drafting of visual analysis essay – how to write about an object