History of Musical Theatre

Discipline: Drama
Instructor: Lay
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1430
End: 1545
Field Work: Day 1 | South Africa Download Syllabus

This course will focus on the fundamentals of musical theatre and vocal production. A brief history of the origins of musical theatre — including areas such as passion plays, opera, operetta and other related media — is covered. The course emphasizes the development of musical theatre beginning with the operetta and early minstrel shows through the Broadway hits of the Twenty First Century. Additionally, this course introduces students to the art of critique in regard to musical theatre. Students view several film versions of musicals to understand the societal influences that brought them about, as well as investigate the lives and careers of several major contributors to musical theater. This course also explores the basics of vocal production and techniques for correct pitch, tone and breath. Students will be exposed to singing and acting through classic musical theatre songs and scenes.

Field Work

Country: South Africa
Day: 1

Students will travel to the famous Fugard Theatre for a tour/talk/performance. Athol Fugard is South Africa’s most significant and internationally acclaimed playwright. For over fifty years he has written soul-searing plays with roles for all South Africans which have moved audiences in South Africa and around the world to laughter and tears as they reflected the racism, barbarity and inhumanity of apartheid. The Fugard Theatre provides a crucible of creativity and beacon of humanity for all South Africans regardless of race, color, gender or creed. The Fugard Theatre is located in District 6 and honors the history and memory of that vibrant community which was so savagely uprooted during the apartheid era. One of the most stirring and explosive chapters in World Theatre History.