Intermediate Spanish (Section 2)

Discipline: Spanish
Instructor: Smith
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 13:05
End: 14:20
Field Work: Day 3 | Uruguay Download Syllabus

SPAN 2010 is a three-credit intermediate level course, the third in a four-course sequence that fulfills the undergraduate language requirement. The goal of this course is to bridge the gap between elementary and advanced levels in the further development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This course enables students to successfully perform linguistic tasks that allow them to communicate in everyday situations, such as narrating in the present, past, and future, and expressing hopes, desires, and requests. Students will also enhance vocabulary, examine current events, and read brief literary selections specific to the ports of call.
Special Requirements:  SPAN 1020, SPAN 1060, SAT II score of 520-590, or Placement Test score of 326-409

Field Work

Country: Uruguay
Day: 3

Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the Uruguayan culinary world and use food vocabulary in context. Depart from the pier to a local market, where you will learn more about common ingredients used in Uruguayan dishes and purchase snacks if desired. From the market, proceed to a cooking class in which you will learn how to prepare an authentic national dish. If time permits, enjoy a walking tour of the area and take advantage of the opportunity to practice conversational Spanish with the professor, fellow students, and local native speakers. Finally, participate in an evening of Uruguayan food and dance, including an artistic performance and dinner.