International Business Management

Discipline: Management
Instructor: Slocum
Credits: 3

Field Work: International Business Management
Prerequisites: The standard CSU prerequisites – one (1) principles or fundamentals of finance course, AND one (1) principles or fundamentals of marketing course, AND one (1) fundamentals of management course – have been waived by the instructor.

What would you experience if your career as a manager crossed borders? International business requires managers who can work effectively across diverse cultures and contexts, yet still develop their own, their team’s, and their organization’s full potential. In this course, we will examine global managers who work with and through people to achieve their company goals, but who are able to do so in political, economic, legal, social, technological, and ethical environments that are different from their native countries. We will use a variety of methods (lectures, case studies, debates, games, role-plays, group projects and visits to working businesses) to give students an opportunity to delve into the experience of being an international manager, and practice understanding, communicating, negotiating, deciding, strategizing, leading, staffing, controlling and motivating within and across different countries.

Field Work