International Management

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: McCoy
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 2 - Friday, 5 February | China Download Syllabus

The International Management course will provide students with an understanding of management theory and practice from an international, cross-cultural perspective. Students will develop a heightened awareness of management philosophies and practices that will enable them to better analyze and understand the opportunities and challenges that companies face in a global market. To achieve this objective, the course will focus on three aspects of cross cultural management: the influence of culture on behavior, the management of individuals in or from different cultures, and emerging trends in the study of international management. Students will take part in several outside class activities in this course, including conducting fieldwork in multiple countries and focusing their own international management skills through assignments and exercises, and participating in port-specific activities.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 2 - Friday, 5 February

The globalization of Disney’s Magic has experienced difficulties expanding abroad. The Hong Kong Disneyland is Disney’s third major theme park outside of the U.S. Disney has faced various challenges balancing the core Disney Magic with adapting the park to local tastes. In class and prior to this visit, we will explore in depth the development of this park. Once in Hong Kong, we will spend a day at the park. The first part of the day will include presentations from management and a tour of the park, with the second half of the day spent exploring the park. Specific academic activities will be required while observing activities in the park.

Academic Objectives:
1. Learn about International Expansion
2. Learn about Cultural Adaptation
3. Learn about Multi-national companies