International Marketing (Section 2)

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Cotte
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1300
End: 1415
Field Class: Day 1 - Friday, 06 March | India
Prerequisites: Introductory Marketing Download Syllabus

This course provides an introduction to international marketing.   We will examine how firms create strategies to succeed in diverse economic, cultural, and political environments. We will begin to understand the environmental factors affecting international marketing and its similarities and differences versus domestic marketing. Concepts covered include integrated marketing communications, pricing, distribution management, and product and service strategy.  We will examine how successful companies adapt to diversity, change, and challenge, as they compete in a more global market. Ethical dilemmas that are unique to international marketing will be discussed. Throughout the course, you will evaluate and ground international marketing theory in light of your own experience. In addition, global marketing issues of topical interest and related to the voyage ports-of-call will be addressed. In particular, we will take advantage of the fact that we will be exploring both very well developed markets, such as Japan, and emerging markets such as Namibia, in our analysis and studies.

Field Class

Country: India
Day: 1 - Friday, 06 March

The field lab will take students to the production and processing sites of spices in Cochin. The field lab will include a discussion with a spice trader and local marketing expert, a visit to the spice market, and a demonstration of spices in cuisine by the chef at a local restaurant over lunch. The field lab will expose students to marketing in India, focuses on international markets for Indian products, and also show students the importance of globalization for marketing success. DRESS CODE: Business casual: What to Wear: For women, skirt or slacks and a blouse or collared shirt. For men, dress pants, a button down or polo. Personal appearance groomed and neat. Comfortable closed toe shoes. Do NOT Wear: Tee shirts, flip flops, sneakers, jeans, shorts, short skirts, sweat pants, leggings, tank tops, and/or wrinkled, revealing, stained or dirty clothing. Academic Objectives: 1. Understand the role of international marketing in the global economy, with a local application to spices. 2. Understand the role of India in international marketing. 3. Understanding the impact of globalization of trade on India.