International Mass Communication [CRN 77181]

Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication
Instructor: Rice
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1710
End: 1830
Field Work: Day 1 | September 15, 2019 | Poland
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

This course is a critical analysis of the global flow of information. Students will examine the impact of mass media on cultural, political, and economic development throughout the world. We will track contemporary issues during the voyage, compare and contrast their presentation in the countries we visit, and analyze the factors that shape the presentation of information. There will be particular emphasis on global media under stress due to the immediacy of internet delivery and rapidly changing delivery formats. The historic development of global media structures and what the future holds for the 21st century will be examined.

Field Work

Country: Poland
Day: 1
Date: September 15, 2019

We will visit the World War II museum and compare our experience with the media controversy over the installations. A scholar from the University of Gdansk will also meet with us to give us further background information. Learning Objectives: 1. Visit the museum to understand the controversy over the historical interpretation. 2. Interpret the facts in relation to the larger political and media contexts. 3. Compare the findings to other countries on the voyage.