International Mass Communication [CRN 15973]

Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication
Instructor: Kodrich
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1540
End: 1700
Field Work: Day 2 | February 2, 2022 | Croatia
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

This course explores international cultures and the role of the mass media. The Semester at Sea voyage provides us a fantastic opportunity to examine: the flow of news and information; print, broadcasting, and online sources of media content; strategic communication (including marketing, advertising, and public relations); and entertainment programming (including TV shows and movies) in a variety of diverse locales across the globe. This course will help you think critically about international mass communication and the people and institutions involved in it. We’ll discuss the economic infrastructure of the global media system and the variations in regional media systems. We’ll examine how the mass media gather and disseminate news and information around the world. We’ll also cover the changes occurring in international media and communication; the growth of multinational media corporations; the role of international news and international correspondents in society; and ethical/legal/professional challenges faced by communicators worldwide. Our readings and assignments often will relate to the countries being visited.

Field Work

Country: Croatia
Day: 2
Date: February 2, 2022