International Organizations [CRN 29380]

Discipline: Political Science
Instructor: Armstead
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1230
End: 1350
Field Work: Day 2 Hong Kong | February 5, 2018 | China
Prerequisites: One (1) general international relations course; Per professor: Prerequisite will be waived Download Syllabus

This course will examine the law and practice of international organizations, focusing on the interaction between international law and politics in this context. It begins by exploring the nature and structure of the international legal system, and provides an overview of the development of international organizations within the context of the evolution of that system.  The course will focus on intergovernmental organizations, and on the UN system in particular, but will also briefly examine a number of regional organizations. The second part of the course addresses cross-cutting institutional issues, including law-making, judicial review, enforcement issues, and the role of the chief administrative officer of an international organization. The third part of the course is devoted to the substantive work of the UN and other organizations in three principal areas: collective security, peace operations, and human rights. The final classes will cover issues relating to UN reform from the perspective of the so-called democratic deficit, as well as a brief examination of the roles of other intergovernmental organizations, including regional organizations, and nonstate actors, such as non-governmental organizations and transnational corporations. The format of the course will consist primarily of lectures, structured discussion, and role-playing activities.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 2 Hong Kong
Date: February 5, 2018