International Political Economy [CRN 77151]

Discipline: Political Science
Instructor: Jacoby
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1640
End: 1800
Field Work: Day 1 - Friday, 9 December | Costa Rica
Prerequisites: One (1) introductory economics course AND one (1) international relations course Download Syllabus

International Political Economy [IPE] focuses on the roles of international trade and its regulation, international financial systems, global mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property, international protection of workers’ rights as well as global agreements to secure the environment.  Together these embody a global or world political economy that alternately challenges and is thwarted by nations’ attempts to independently govern their own affairs.  This class explores the political economy of these systems generally, drills down using case studies to assess specific impacts on the countries and ports that we visit.  IPE is increasingly complicated by the existence of various regional and trading agreements, some formal and others–like the residue of colonial relationships–less so. A central theme for this class involves the extent to which developing nations require national sovereignty in order to sustain their own economic growth.

Field Work

Country: Costa Rica
Day: 1 - Friday, 9 December

We will visit government and US embassy officials, academics and/or manufacturing plants. Learning objectives: 1. To learn why Costa Rica’s economic performance has been stronger than most Latin American Nations 2. To understand how Costa Rica has used its free trade agreement 3. To consider whether Free Trade Agreements are generally beneficial for the Economic Development of Latin America