International Trade Theory

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Emerson
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1355
End: 1510
Field Work: Day 2 - Kusadasi - Friday, 12 July | Turkey
Prerequisites: Principles of Microeconomics (required), Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (recommended). Download Syllabus

This course is an introduction to the theory of international trade and the effect of policy interventions such as tariffs and quotas.  We will discuss theory and policy in light of world events and apply the knowledge gained to evaluate developments in the world trading arena, including the GATT/WTO, NAFTA, and the EU.  The course will also include special sections focusing on the trade issues of the areas visited during the 2013 Semester at Sea voyage including Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Malta Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain.

Field Work

Country: Turkey
Day: 2 - Kusadasi - Friday, 12 July

The class will have a lecture from Dr. Murat Somer of Koc University on Turkish politics, trade and development. We will then travel to the Antalya Chamber of Commerce, a manufacturing site and also a local market to observe trade. Academic Objectives:

  1. Learn about Turkey's international trade.
  2. Learn about the role that politics has played in economic trade and development in Turkey.
  3. Visit the local markets as well as a more modern shopping area in order to observe trade in developing market and the hallmarks of globalization.