Introduction to Financial Accounting [CRN 77616]

Discipline: Accounting
Instructor: Lenk
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1210
End: 1330
Field Work: Day 2 | November 14, 2016 | Trinidad and Tobago Download Syllabus


As the universal language of business, this accounting course explains how the investment of an accounting information system is critically valuable for organizations across the globe to communicate strategic plans and budgets, align goals, inform decision makers, and measure and report performance and compliance to key stakeholders in society. Through textbook reading, homework exercises, and exams, students will gain an understanding of the role of financial accounting information in all areas of business and society. Upon mastering the material in this course, students will be able to identify how economic events and decisions made by organizations are recorded, how financial statements are created, and how financial information is used internationally by investors, creditors, and business managers to make business and resource allocation decisions.

Field Work

Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Day: 2
Date: November 14, 2016

This field class will have two distinct sections. The first will be meeting students at the local university, where the country’s history, cultural and legal impacts will be discussed with faculty and students as to how the accounting system was formed in Trinidad and Tobago.  Field class participants will share a lunch with the local university students.   The second portion of the field class will involve visiting the open air markets while completing a class exercise regarding the accounting issues associated with running a booth at the marketplace.

Learning Objectives:
1.       Demonstrating knowledge of the country’s historical, legal, and cultural impacts on their accounting system. 2.      Applying the course concepts regarding business formation, investment, revenue recognition, and expenses to the vendors in the open market.