Experiential Writing

Discipline: English Writing
Instructor: Siler
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 15:40
End: 16:55
Field Work: Day 1 - Dublin - Friday, 20 September | Ireland
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

Students will use readings and group discussion to sharpen their understanding of the structure within academic arguments (claims, reasons, evidence, and acknowledgements.)  Readings will be themed to cultural confrontation and change. We will also workshop reflective forms of non-fiction, particularly the experiential essay often used in creative nonfiction and travel writing.  Students will be asked to keep a writer’s journal throughout the semester to record issues and questions raised by the voyage.

Field Work

Country: Ireland
Day: 1 - Dublin - Friday, 20 September

By the time the MV Explorer reaches Ireland, students will already have visited the largest floating library in the world. In Dublin, students of my class will begin what can become a series of visits to libraries in our host countries, starting with one of the most famous: The Old Library at Trinity College. A major tourist destination in its own right (especially to see the Book of Kells), this Library will set the bar high for what a library can be and offer. A lunch at a popular Trinity College campus eatery will be followed by yet another tour in central Dublin, the Chester Beatty Library Museum, located on the grounds of Dublin Castle and described by the Lonely Planet as “not just the best museum in Ireland, but one of the best in Europe.” An end-of-the-day discussion will complete the field lab. Academic Objectives: 1.  Use observational/questioning skills to answer the question WHO USES A LIBRARY? 2.  Use observational/questioning skills to answer the question WHY DOES A CITY NEED A LIBRARY? 3.  Use observational/questioning skills to answer the question WHAT IS IN A LIBRARY BESIDES BOOKS?