Acting 1

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Justice
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 15:40
End: 16:55
Field Work: Day 1 - Dublin - Friday, 20 September | Ireland
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the craft of acting, both as a participant and as an observer.  The lectures and exercises given the student are intended primarily as a means to make him or her aware of and to improve their control over relaxation, concentration, observation, imagination, and execution.  Included in the course is the development of a basic knowledge of acting theory, acting, theatre history and criticism, play analysis, and performance practice and terminology.  Students will also see a variety of performances in different ports of call.

Field Work

Country: Ireland
Day: 1 - Dublin - Friday, 20 September

The Abbey Theatre was founded in 1904 by W. B. Yeats and Lady Augusta Gregory.  The Abbey Theatre is also the national theatre of Ireland.   Many of Ireland’s and Europe’s most famous playwrights had their plays premiered at The Abbey.  These include the authors, Sean O’Casey, J.M. Synge, W. B. Yeats, Brian Friel, and many others.  Students will be given a tour of the Abbey Theatre and learn about the history of this famous stage.  In the evening, students will return to the Abbey Theatre and attend a production of MAJOR BARBARA by George Bernard Shaw.  This play is one of Shaw’s most famous plays.  The play was first premiered in 1905 and has been performed all over the world for over 100 years. Academic objectives: 1.  Describe the areas (front of house and backstage) of a professional theatre

2.  See a play by George Bernard Shaw and be able to describe the significance of Shaw’s plays at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre