Drawing at Sea I

Discipline: Studio Art
Instructor: Berg
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1045
End: 1200
Field Work: Day 4 - Helsinki - Saturday, 9 August | Finland
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

Students will learn to draw from observation and memory the experiences of the voyage. Exploring a variety of drawing media, students will learn the foundations of drawing such as composition; descriptive use of line; modeling with value; figurative proportion; and basic perspective. Through practice, students will develop skills that will serve as the basis to present visual ideas in a meaningful way. Students will keep a sketchbook / travel journal which will serve as a personal record of the voyage in which they will record daily events on board ship as well as cultural observations from port cities. Students will present more developed work about the voyage, based on their sketches, and present it in a gallery setting on board.

Field Work

Country: Finland
Day: 4 - Helsinki - Saturday, 9 August

Discover what it is to be a working artist in the urban center of Helsinki and the more remote historic village of Fiskars. We will start our day at Helsinki Litho, a co-operative fine art print studio. Here we will have a private tour of the facility. Students will be introduced to the medium of lithography, and recognize how drawing is fundamental to this process. We will watch a printing demonstration and view portfolios of Helsinki Litho artists. Students will have the opportunity for dialogue with our host during the entire tour. Next we will journey via bus to Fiskars Village, a historic community south west of Helsinki. Students will have the opportunity to experience the landscape of this region during our bus journey and makes notes/sketches in their journals.  In Fiskars we will take a self-guided tour and spend time sketching the historic buildings. We will visit the working artist studios in Fiskars which includes glassblowing, metalwork and papermaking. Students will participate in the papermaking workshop and learn how to make paper. They will take this paper they make and complete a drawing on it on board which will synthesize their experiences of the day. Academic Objectives: 1. Define what it is to be a “working” artist in Finland. 2. Compare and Contrast the urban and village artists we visit 3. Recall the Lithographic process 4. Describe the papermaking process and produce a sheet of paper in the workshop.