Introduction to International Business

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Amine
Credits: 3
Day: null
Start: 08:00
End: 09:15
Field Work: Day 1 | Spain Download Syllabus

This course will introduce you to the practice of international business (IB) and build your knowledge of the global business environment. We will examine economic, cultural, political, technological, competitive, and other factors affecting worldwide business so that you understand the impact of local and global market conditions on business. You will learn how to analyze demand for products and services in specific country-markets and regional market blocs, and how to design a business plan for competing successfully. This course also develops your skills in public speaking, teamwork, and time and task management. Special features of the course are the focus on ethical challenges, sustainable development, and risks of global business at a time of political upheaval and economic uncertainties. Course methods include class discussions based on the textbook and additional materials, case study analysis, team research assignments, reports and presentations, and site visits. Field assignments will focus on countries to be visited on the voyage.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 1

Futbol Club Barcelona (FC Barça) is respected worldwide as a leading soccer team with celebrity players. It is also a global marketing champion with numerous high-profile sponsors such as UNICEF, NIKE, and the Qatar Foundation. This Field Lab will illustrate how sports marketing strategies are designed and implemented to appeal to audiences around the globe. First, we will visit the club's facilities at Camp Nou (Catalan for "New Field"), the second-largest soccer stadium in Europe which can accommodate up to 116,000 fans, locker rooms, press box, president's box, and the FC Barça Museum which receives more than one million visitors a year. After a box lunch at the Club, the group will take part in a business presentation by a corporate representative who will discuss issues relating to marketing, sponsorship, merchandising, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and brand management. (Note: the actual order of events at the Club is subject to change.) Then we will return together to the ship where all students will participate in a roundtable table discussion and debriefing. Small groups will prepare answers to the following questions which will be addressed through plenary discussion: (i) How does the Club choose its major sponsors and what is the nature of its co-marketing relationships? (ii) How does the Club choose and price merchandise for the Store and where are items sourced? (iii What are the major objectives for the Club's CSR program? After completing this Field Lab, participants will have a clearer understanding of how a world-class sporting and entertainment business generates and manages revenue streams from its marketing activities in a highly competitive global environment. NOTES 1. Dress code for all participants is business casual, given that an executive seminar is planned as part of the Field Lab. 2. Participants should bring notebooks to record observations. 3. Return to the ship and participation in the roundtable discussion is mandatory for all students.