Introduction to Media Studies

Discipline: Media Studies
Instructor: Huey
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 10:45
End: 12:00
Field Work: Day 1 | South Africa Download Syllabus

This course introduces students to the topics, themes, and areas of study that are central to an understanding of media in contemporary, global society. Students will focus on the forms, institutions, functions, and impact of media on local, national, and global communities, paying special attention to the media systems of regions and cultures on our voyage itinerary.

Field Work

Country: South Africa
Day: 1

Students will travel to Cape Town TV (CTV), a community-based, alternative television station that was founded by media activists in 2004 and began free-to-air broadcasts in 2008. Based on the principles of social development, democracy, justice and human rights, CTV features a wide variety of programming ranging from "Street Talk" and "Open Studio" to Al Jazeera. Students will tour CTV's modest studio facilities and meet with CTV journalists/editors before traveling to the Cape Argus newspaper, Cape Town's dominant daily newspaper founded in 1857. Referred to locally as "the Argus," the newspaper publishes morning and afternoon editions, has a readership of more than 350,000 and covers both national and international news. The Argus also publishes an online newspaper. At the conclusion of the tour, students will have an opportunity to meet with a senior journalist.